About Us

Creating a Hunger-Free continent one town and village at a time


To eradicate hunger and malnutrition in Africa


To become the largest vegetarian food relief organisation in Africa distributing free meals to all citizens of the nation.

FOOD FOR LIFE AFRICA is a nonsectarian and non-discriminating organization that respects all religions and cultural traditions, and has volunteers from all religious and racial backgrounds who are involved in programmes all over the world.

FOOD FOR LIFE AFRICA is funded mainly by donations and corporates.

FOOD FOR LIFE AFRICA currently distributes approximately 15 000 plates of food per day to poverty stricken people in rural and urban communities within South Africa.

The Founder

In 1974, the founder of Food for Life, Srila Prabhupada was shocked and saddened upon seeing a group of village children fighting with street dogs over scraps of food, told his students that no one within ten miles of their centres should go hungry . . .

“I want you to immediately begin serving food.”

Heartened by plea his followers around the world were inspired to expand that original effort into a global network of free food kitchens, cafes, vans, and mobile delivery services in many cities around the world to this day.


In 2017 Food For Life joined millions around the world to honor President Nelson Mandela, on his birthday. In an appropriate tribute, on 18 July, Food For Life South Africa distributed over 50 000 free sumptuous meals to needy communities around the country. As President of South Africa,

“Another important building block for a new democracy is the love and goodwill we show to each other. That is the spirit of Masakhane, of bringing one another together. It is also the spirit of today’s festival organised by Food For Life.”
-Nelson Mandela


  • To provide nutritional support to community- based clinics, hospital, hospices, crèches, shelters, orphanages and schools.
  • To provide hunger relief to victims of disaster (natural or manmade) anywhere in Africa or internationally.
  • To bring about peace and prosperity through creating a hunger free communities.
  • To create sustainable Food For Life supply projects that empower poverty stricken and disadvantaged people to earn a livelihood.
  • To establish Rural Academies for youth through which people are trained in sustainable agriculture.
  • To establish Food For Life Education centers. These centers will provide free or inexpensive vegetarian meals, food education and life skills training.
  • To co-ordinate and expand the distribution of pure vegan / vegetarian meals.
  • To eradicate hunger and malnutrition by providing free vegetarian meals to the disadvantaged and poverty stricken.
  • To network with government organizations and other organizations who share the mission of facilitating progress.
  • To engage in fund raising drives to facilitate the mission of Food For Life via soliciting donations from businesses, the public and individuals.